Bowman's Earthmoving have recently worked on many of the major projects in central QLD. With our vast experience and specialised fleet, Bowman’s are well established to undertake any sized earthmoving project.

Bowman’s bring an innovative approach to all projects, with the vision of ensuring our new and existing clients receive value on their investment.

The team has recently completed work on the following the projects and provided:
- unparalleled service and value
- the latest technologically advanced machinery
- the highest trained operators
- second to none project consultation and advice
- to provide the most accurate heavy earthmoving solutions available

Mirani Waste Water Project

Bowman's Earthmoving were contracted to complete all major earthmoving requirements for the construction of a 300 megalitre water storage for the expanding township of Mirani. Once constructed, a 900m pipeline was installed to the existing 60 megalite storage at the local council waste water treatment facility. We carried out survey and design for the topsoil prestrip to stockpile, boxed out the key trench, cut to fill from the basin to the wall embankment, final trim of the embankment and re-topsoiled inside and outside batters for seeding. Our team completed this project 4 week ahead of schedule.

Mackay Ring Road

Bowman's Earthmoving were one of the first contractors engaged by CPB to commence work on the largest infrastructure project in the Mackay Region. Stage 1 of the project is estimated to be worth $493m with stage 2 and 3 proposed to follow once stage 1 is completed. Our team was engaged to carry out clearing and grubbing of the existing cane country and vegetation. We then removed topsoil to stockpile, cut to fill areas, cut to grade for drainage and boxed out new farmers headland, prior to the importing of all fill and roadbase materials on the subsoils.

Mackay Sporting Complex

Bowman's Earthmoving were contracted in to carry out all major bulk earthworks on the new sporting complex at CQUniversity in conjunction with Mackay Regional Council. Over 6 months we carried out excavation of two major drains with spoil to stockpile. The drains were multi-tiered with varying batters and sizes on a curved GPS line. We cut to spoil on grade and used some of the material to fill and raise the adjacent sporting field 1m. This field was then levelled to allow drainage in rainfall events. The major stormwater drains were then topsoiled 100mm on grade prior to being turfed. Our machines were also utilised to box out the running track and cut to grade subsoils prior to the track construction taking place. All fill materials for the raising of building pads was imported with our machines from the storm water drain excavations.

Ozcare Subdivision

Bowman's Earthmoving were contracted to carry out all bulk earthmoving requirements with the development of the new Ozcare centre. We carried out clearing and grubbing of vegetation prior to topsoil stripping to stockpile. After the topsoil was removed we balanced the subsoil cut to fill quantities, working with correct watering and compaction techniques and completed required final trimming of the areas. 

Brothers Leagues Club

Leprechaun Park is a local sporting grounds and home to Mackay's Brothers Rugby League Club. The chairmen of the club entrusted Bowman's Earthmoving to resolve drainage issues of the park, construct a new training field, expand car parking area and also design and construct a water storage solution to assist in overland flow catchment to be utilised as field irrigation throughout the year. Our experienced team provided survey and design, cut to fill for the new field and final trim of top dressing material. We then excavated drains around the park and internally, leading to a 4 megalitre sump. The sump was excavated to source material for the 8 megalitre ring tanks embankment construction and also to build up the new area for carparking. 

Ooralea Waters Subdivions

Ooralea Waters is a popular housing estate on the outskirts of the Mackay Region. Bowman's Earthmoving have repeatedly assist Cougar Developments in most of their subdivision stages. Our fleet is called in to carry out clearing and grubbing of the existing cane fields to stockpile. We then complete full topsoil strip of the new stage. Sub soils are then cut to fill on the design, with some bulk earthmoving completed for the importing of material from another area onsite. All roadways are boxed out and then topsoil brought back over and laid out a nominal depth before being final trimed.

Irrigation Dam

A valued agricultural client - Battaia Farming asked our experienced dam building team to design and construct a sump and dam, utilising the least amount of material for the largest economically constructed dam. We completed a survey of the exisiting area and carried out 3D modelling design of sump and water storage. Once our client approved the 150 Megalitre storage, we carried out all topsoil stripping, key trenching for the core, wall embankment and re-topsoiling before final trimming. We uploaded the GPS design file to all machines for controlling all design and constuction requirements. We completed this project in three weeks and the following day after completion the client recieved heavy rain and started to store valuable irrigation water. 

Magpies Sporting Club

Bowman's Earthmoving carried out a neat little project for Magpies Sporting Club by completing bulk earthworks for the development of 3 new sporting fields and adjacent carpark. We uploaded the clients required design to our machines and carried out all cut to fill earthmoving and final trim of the fields before they were to be turfed.

Wallmans Road Rediversion

With the expansion of the Northern Beaches area of Mackay, there was the requirement of Wallman's Rd to be rediverted at the current roundabout. Bowman's Earthmoving were contracted to assist in the removal of topsoil to stockpile and other bulk earthworks for our valuable clients. 

Ferris Gully Drainage 

Bowman's Earthmoving were required to carry out all bulk earthmoving and cut to grade for the creation of a new drainage system to assist further residential and commercial growth in the neighbouring estates. We had the drain 3D modelled and uploaded to our machine control systems. The drain was multi-tiered utilising straights and curves, with bund walling for overland water flow diversions into the rock armoured batters of the drain. The majority of topsoil was used in an adjacent agricultural farm to build paddocks up which was then levelled. We stockpiled all subsoil materials to be utilised in development work in the future. The remaining topsoil was respread to grade on the drain prior to being turfed. 

Stockroute Road Extension

BMD contracted our team to complete their required earthmoving on the Stockroute Rd Extension Project. A neat project where we carried the clearing of existing canefields to stockpile. We then carried out all topsoil strip to stockpile. The roadway was boxed out and material went to spoil. We then cut to grade the new drain required with 3:1 batters. This was designed and 3D modelled, prior to being uploaded to our machines GPS control system. Once concrete curbing was completed and bitumen was laid, we returned to site to carry out the re-topsoiling of drains, vacant areas and adjacent pathways prior to being turfed.

Kaiuroo Station Irrigation

Bowman's Earthmoving completed an innovative irrigation project on Kauiroo Station, situated on the Mackenzie River near the rural township of Dingo. Our crew worked 24/7 to deliver a full scale design and construct irrigation system over 250 acres. We carried out surveying of the existing field and redesigned the contours to be able to flood irrigate the area after using our GPS field levelling equipment to level the cropping area. Afterwards we utilised 'Padman Stops' watering systems in the irrigation channel to eliminate the requirment of labour for the traditional hand syphoning system. The channel at the top of the paddock has 10mm fall every 100m and has an outlet for the irrigation water every 100 rows. The client has the ability to irrigate 3 sections at a time being 300 rows of crop, by opening 3 Padman stops manually, or automatically, eliminating all hand syphoning required for the paddock.


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